Program Committee
Evgeniy Klimov (Russia)

Manager at “PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit”

Graduated from Academy of Russian Federal Security Service on a specialty «the Organization and information security technologies». Since 2002 has been working in the large companies as the head of projects and subdivisions on information security.
The owner of such certificates as CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), ISC, CISM (Certified Information Security Manager), ISACA, PMP (Project Management Professional), PMI.
The participant of the international professional associations: Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), Project Management Institute (PMI), International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC).
The Vice-president of Russian Information Systems Security Professional Association (RISSPA), branch CSA founder (Cloud Security Alliance) in Russia.
Nikita Kislitsin (Russia)

Chief editor of “Xakep” magazine

Peter Van Eeckhoutte (Belgium)

Belgian information security expert, founder of Corelan Security Team and Corelan GCV Company

The Grugq (Thailand)

Senior security researcher for COSEINC

The Grugq is a pioneering information security researcher with over a decade of professional experience. He has worked extensively with digital forensic analysis, binary reverse engineering, rootkits, Voice over IP, telecommunications and financial security. The Grugq's professional career has included Fortune 100 companies, leading information security firms and innovative start-ups.
Currently living in Thailand, the Grugq works as a senior security researcher for COSEINC. While not on engagements, the Grugq continues his research on security, forensics and beer.

Claims to fame:
  • pioneered anti-forensics
  • developed "userland exec"
  • released voip attack software
  • decade of experience in info sec
  • long term liaison with digital underground
  • described as "extremely handsome" [by his mom]
  • 1992 sussex County 3-legged race, 2nd place

Kris Kaspersky (USA)

He is an employee at McAfee, working at the department of information intelligence over the closed research projects, not presented at the broad market.
Dave Aitel (USA)

Dave Aitel is the CEO of Immunity, Inc. - a Miami Beach based information security firm.

Ilya Medvedovsky (Russia)

CEO at Digital Security

Graduated from State Polytechnic University in 1996, “Information Security of computer systems” specialty.
After graduating enrolled in postgraduate studies and worked in the Information security Centre of St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University. In 1999 defended his thesis “Development of methods and means of information security analysis and detection of effects in distributed computing systems”.
In 1996 the first book “Theory and practice of information security ensuring” was published. Beginning from 1997 a series of books was written and published: “Attack on the Internet”, “Attack through the Internet”, “Attack from the Internet”, which became bestsellers.
Since 1994 have been researching in the field of information security, publishing its results in such print media as BYTE/Russia, LAN, Open Systems, InfoBusiness, Security Systems, Information Security and many others.
Since 2002 has been working as a director of Digital Security – one of the leading Russian consulting companies in the field of information security.