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The Hacker magazine - The most popular computer magazine in Russia. Made for people who are deeply interested with information security and IT in common, programming and building information systems. Every month: fresh software security flaws, best viruses and trojans, real life histories of computer attacks from hacker's position, computer tips&tricks.
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Russian Information Systems Security Professional Association was created in June 2006 under the aegis of the consortium (ISC)2 and has an official status ALIG (Affiliated Local Interest Group). The main aims of RISSPA are forming of the professionals’ community in the field of IS, providing opportunities for the exchanging of new ideas and experience, popularization of IS ideas, and also increase of specialists’ knowledge level.
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“Plus” journal - “Plus” journal is the most authoritative edition in Russia and countries of Post-Soviet space (has been publishing since 1994).

Target audience of edition – heads and specialists, directly involved in preparation and making long-term solutions in realization of particular projects in banks, processing, information technology and telecommunication companies and other commercial and state structures.
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The Analytical Banking Magazine - The Analytical Banking Magazine is a respectable monthly magazine published since 1995. Over the last several years the magazine has been recognized as the most professional and popular edition in Russian banking industry. The magazine’s subscribers include heads of banks, insurance, financial and investment companies, government, representatives of the legislative and executive authorities from Russia, the CIS, the Baltic states and foreign countries.
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The core of CONFidence is a two-day conference with workshops, but the whole event is so much more. CONFidence offers not only the best speakers, current topics and top trainings, but (even more importantly) cool contests, crazy social events and a time and space to meet community members face-to-face, talk, drink and hack. Previous editions included stay in a Hackers’ Squad, Hacking Contests, Hackers for Charity Roulette and big After Party.
The first CONFidence conference was organized in 2005 as a project created by a group of Polish enthusiasts committed to improving the security of IT applications. Since those early years it has evolved into the largest meeting of hackers in Poland that annually gathers almost 500 participants: IT security professionals from government, industry, banking sector and academia as well as researchers and developers.

TAdviser - TAdviser is a Russian analytical agency. Since 2005 it has been specializing in the researching of different segments of IT market. TAdviser has a wide experience in analytics preparation in the interests of the clients in different economics fields. For many years TAdviser has been forming a unique project base of Russian companies from 37 fields on implementation of different suppliers’ information systems. Our knowledge bases cover all the chain beginning from IT solutions and up to their implementation by the client enterprises.

RuCTFE - is one of the largest international online Capture the Flag challenges in computer security held by HackerDom since 2009. Each team is given a server or small network. Teams are scored on both their success in defending their assigned server and on their success in attacking other team's servers.

Publishing house “Finances and Credit” - It is a leading Russian publishing house, producing 11 types of specialized financial, economic and bookkeeping journals, 6 of which are included in the list of editions, recommended by the Ministry Higher Attestation Commission of Education and Science in Russian Federation for publishing of the main dissertation results on obtaining academic degrees of candidates and PhDs. - is an Internet project with financial topics about bank cards, banks and bank equipment. Project is positioned as independent and public resource. Since 2002 has been occupying a stable position in the Internet among the sites with financial topics. Within its activity the project established a partnership with different banks, payment systems and companies in CIS countries, which actively participate in the banking market development. target audience are representatives of the banks, finance organizations, state institutions, IT companies and associations directly related to card industry.

Internet portal DailyComm - Internet portal DailyComm publishes actual information on such topics as information technologies, electronics, Internet, telecommunications. Portal provides IT-market players with information area for publication of their own materials.

@ASTERA - @ASTERA is the leading supplier of practical information for professional participants of Russian information security and telecommunication market. Every day @ASTERA provides actual data about people and business, technologies and companies, events and activities, solutions and services, prices and deliveries. Over 150 000 people visit web-site every month. - is in the chain of regional portals together with, internet resources. Publishing house “Regional PR group” carries out the management of these web-portals.

More than 50 news are published on the pages every day, interviews with IT market members, analytical, review materials, descriptions of IT projects and others are regularly published. - internet portal is devoted to the news of high technologies in Saint-Petersburg, North-West Federal district and Russia as a whole. is in the chain of regional portals together with, internet resources. Publishing house “Regional PR group” carries out the management of these web-portals. - internet portal is devoted to the news of high technologies in Nizhny Novgorod, Privolzhsky Federal District and Russia as a whole. is in the chain of regional portals together with, internet resources. Publishing house “Regional PR group” carries out the management of these web-portals.

Hakin9 is a monthly downloadable IT security magazine. It provides invaluable and comprehensive technical knowledge, which allows the reader to stay up to date with the latest IT security threats and technologies. What makes this magazine so successful is its community base of countless expert contributors. Hakin9 is a must read for any security professionals who wish to have a broad view of their environment threats and the desire to proactively defend it by knowing the secrets that are usually only shared between crackers. We publish 3 issues per month which gives 36 issues per year! Buy year subscription and you also gain access to full archive from 2005! Just visit http://

CNews is the largest daily online publication on IT in Russia. CNews provides up-to-date information on hi-tech, telecommunications, hardware and software. CNews is based on the portal principle, covering apart from news analytical articles, market reviews, Internet poll results. Printed version has been publishing since 2004.
Every day CNews provides approximately 100 news on Russian and international IT-markets. Average monthly attendance of the site is over 2 300 000 visitors.

Information Security Magazine
  • Building an effective information security management system;
  • Providing business continuity;
  • Making feasibility study of implementing information security management systems;

The solutions to these challenges can be found in the Magazine by the heads of security agencies, information security departments, economic security agencies, IT and telecom departments, the heads of HR departments, chief financial officers

Banking Systems & Technologies Magazine

The professional monthly periodical on banking business and automation. The magazine concerns the problems of installation and usage of the information systems in the financial institutions.

The basic sections are:

  • back-office systems;
  • front-office systems;
  • delivery channels;
  • BI and ERP;
  • IT infrastructure;
  • cards and self-service;
  • IT security;
  • case studies.


Intellectual Bank is the open knowledgebase on banking IT-related data. So far there are no analogous projects in Russian web.

The goal of IB is to present the knowledge in the most convenient way in terms of search and reading. Each text coming into the database is indexed by banks, solution providers, solutions and titles mentioned. Reading the article from our site the user can see the reference about any market player or IT product referred. Both information technologies and banking markets are very dynamic. To keep up we refresh our database daily.

“Security: information review” journal

“Security: information review” journal is a specialized quarterly edition, covering questions of security systems’ effective organization. Edition readers are the leaders of high and middle unit, responsible for providing the business security (heads of the companies and security services). Our credo is exclusively practical material character, allowing empowering top managers with necessary knowledge about modern approach to the security questions and the ways of solving the problems.

At the journal’s pages you can find information about the level of development and possibilities of technical schemes: their (dis)advantages, development prospects. Interviews with the leading specialists, different industry standards and documents (security policies, instructions, guidelines), which are published in the journal, will help to better understand the realities of security industry.


SecurityLab by Positive Technologies ( - is a specialized IT security portal, one of the most popular Russian Internet resources devoted to IT security. The portal publishes news and information on IT security events all over the world, security bulletins by vendors, as well as original analytical articles and translations. Among the most important features of the portal are prompt publications in Russian of all published vulnerabilities, as well as recommendations how to fix them. The portal’s forum is daily visited by thousands of IT specialists from Russia, CIS and foreign counties. SecurityLab provides information support and acts as media partner of principal IT security events.

PC MAGAZINE/Russian Edition

The leading monthly computer magazine. The magazine covers the latest world and Russian technological developments and products of interest to a wide spectrum of users. The magazine comes out 12 times a year with a circulation of 40,000 copeis.

PC WEEK/Russian Edition

“PC WEEK/Russian Edition” is a weekly IT newspaper. The newspaper covers leading technologies, news of the world and Russian computer markets of interest to corporate user. It is distributed free of charge to companies with more than 10 PCs.